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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers! Have a look below to see if we have what you're looking for.

  1. Is there a contract?
    No! With RealtySites PLUS™ you will never be asked to sign a contract or long term commitment. If you're not completely satisfied you can cancel at any time.
  2. Why is there a set-up fee?
    RealtySites PLUS™ offers you the best set up and support service available. As a 'Software as a Service' product we're constantly enhancing and improving your user experience, and you receive the upgrades at no charge and immediately without having to download anything. As a result, we are continuously improving our help manuals and online "How-to" movies. We also provide you with an Account Manager to assist you with any questions you have as well as providing you with access to our help desk and after-business-hours support. We also do your domain name (URL) transfer for you when you're ready to go live.

    Explanation of the Training & Activation Fee

    The following outlines what you receive for the Training & Activation Fee.

    1. RealtySites PLUS™ Account Manager - A Go-To person that you can contact when you need them.
    2. Full Online Help section - Includes Full length webinars on each section of the site. Adobe captivate movies show you how to add content to your site, plus supporting PDF documents with screen shots to assist you. These help tools are available anytime, and from a computer anywhere around the world. Plus every time we do an upgrade to the site you receive it absolutely at no extra charge, including the supporting help tools so you can utilize all of the substantial new features RealtySites PLUS&trade will be bringing you.
    3. You also have access to our Help Desk - From 8:30am to 4:30pm (EST) Mon - Fri and someone is always on call until 9pm to help when you need it including weekends and holidays.
    4. When you're ready to Go Live with your site, your Account manager does a free site analysis (if requested), to ensure you're site is ready to present to your online clients.
    5. A RealtySites PLUS™ network specialist will do your domain transfer as well as set up your Google analytics for you. We will also point any existing websites URL's to your new RSP website.
    6. Our network specialist can also set up your email accounts.
  3. Is it user friendly?
    RealtySites PLUS™ was "Built for Realtors by Realtors" so it is a very user friendly product even if you're not tech savvy. Although it will require a little work on your end, the learning curve is relatively small and we have an excellent support system in place to help you every step of the way.
  4. How long does it take before I can "Go Live?"
    That entirely depends on you and how much time you invest on getting your site up and running. Generally it requires about a 3 hour investment of your time and is also dependent upon the number of listings you have.
  5. What about IDX (Internet/Internal Data Exchange)?
    RealtySites PLUS™ has IDX capabilities. If you're currently working with an IDX company you can easily transfer it to your RealtySites PLUS™ website. We are also partnered with iHomefinder and can provide it to you for a nominal monthly fee.
  6. Are there applications for Social Media?
    Social media has become a recent phenomenon is and vital to marketing success on the internet, especially for Realtors. RealtySites PLUS™ has several tools to connect you to buyers and sellers through the use of social media links like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. We also provide you with your own blog where you can upload links from YouTube (or other popular video sites) and post it to your Social media accounts. We even developed a few of our own social media tools exclusive to RealtySites PLUS™.
  7. What about the Keywords, Meta Tag and Image Alt attribute?
    In the past, the 'keyword' meta tag was used to describe your page to search engines, but because of people abusing this method, search engines pay little attention to this anymore. The image 'alt' attribute is used to describe the picture to the page and helps with accessibility. RealtySites PLUS™ assists you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by ensuring the information attributed to the page is accurate. This is important because search engines can now filter out the bogus information. By having the ability to add unlimited content and photos, you're providing useful data that search engines look for.
  8. Do you offer any special services, and what are they?
    Yes we offer our clients many services to assist with setting up and maintaining your RealtySites PLUS™ website, including our virtual assistant(s) as well as custom banners & slogans. Other services include:
    • Photo touch-ups (fixing flyaway hair, logo touch-ups, removing the background, etc.)
    • Custom Landing/Home Page, price varies depending on complexity
    • Page creation or importing page(s) from existing website
    • Adding supplied logo to website banners
    • Custom graphic design (logos, photo manipulation, menu items with graphics, etc.)
    • Custom Website Template
    • Custom Banner
    • Formatting existing page layout
    • Transfer of existing Content to new website
    • Custom programming
  9. Do you offer Support & Training?
    Absolutely! With RealtySites PLUS™ you can be assured of receiving the best support available in the industry. All of our clients have an account manager to assist them every step of the way. We also have help documents to walk you through set up, and accompanying PDF documents for those who prefer to read their way through set up. Further to this we have a full time help desk which is available Monday to Friday and in the evenings and on weekends we always have someone "On call" to assist you if you need it. And don't worry about the stress of transferring your domain name over to your RealtySites PLUS™ website; we do it for you at no extra cost.
  10. Do you offer a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
    RealtySites PLUS™ does have some CRM tools incorporated into our product however we're currently partnered with IXACT Contact for CRM. An amazing product that Realtors find very functional and easy to use. (Please contact us for more information)

Couldn't find the answer? Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding our products or services.

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